Erwin Beijersbergen Trio

A tribute to pianist Bill Evans by Erwin Beijersbergen. 

Liner notes by Klaus Flenter

I first heard the Bill Evans Trio on vinyl in 1960: “Portrait in Jazz”. This made such an overwhelming impression on me that I continued to follow his musical endeavours from then on.

Erwin studied with me at The Rotterdam Conservatory and I apparently infected him with the “Bill Evans Virus”. It made sense for him to ask me to write the liner notes for this album.

Erwin made a comprehensive study of Bill Evans recordings and translated his use of harmonies on the piano to the guitar as best as possible. A very demanding and difficult task. This didn’t stop him from studying these harmonies until he accomplished this. I have the utmost regard and admiration for this!

Erwin is a very technically accomplished player (single note and chords). His solos are very melodic, featuring some impressive intricacies (no patterns of jazz!). With his single line soloing he always guides the listener through the harmonic changes by adding beautiful chords.

The repertoire is very diverse and covers several periods in Bill Evans’ career. From meditative to bebop and mainstream to funk. Noteworthy is that Erwin has a truly natural swing timing.

Erwin chose a very skilled rhythm section for this album. Harry Emmery is a phenomenally versatile jazz bassist with loads of experience playing in a guitar trio. René Winter completes the trio on drums, with some very tasteful playing.

To sum things up: “A Touch Of Bill Evans” is a gorgeous recording of the Erwin Beijersbergen Trio. A very welcome addition to your record collection.

Klaus Flenter.

The rhythm section: René Winter on drums and Harry Emmery on bass.

Teaser Time Remembered
Studio Engineer Jay-P  | Mixer-Master Wiboud Burkens