Session Training

At Guitar School Delft, an acoustic Session Training is given at Sunday the 5th of June from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM for the slightly advanced guitarist and bassist.

We focus on jazz and related styles.

Erwin Beijersbergen | Picture: Rick Lorsheijd

The following aspects are covered during a Session Training:

  • Preparation;
  • Repertoire;
  • Sound and volume;
  • Countdown;
  • Give direction;
  • Communicating with fellow musicians;
  • Musical input;
  • Mental preparation;
  • Learn to listen and anticipate;
  • Read schedules;


  • Blues (in G, Bb and F) such as Tenor Madness;
  • Rhythm Scheme (in Bb) such as Oleo;
  • Minor Blues (in Cmin) such as Mr. PC;
  • Modal (in Dm or Am) such as So What;
  • Jazz Waltz (Bb) such as Someday My Prince Will Come;
  • Groovy Piece (C) such as Coming Home;
  • Ballad (Eb) such as Misty;
  • Calypso (C) such as St. Thomas;
  • Bossa Nova (Cmi) such as Blue Bossa.

Frequently heard at sessions:

  • All Blues;
  • Footprints;
  • How Insensitive;
  • Beautiful Love;
  • All The Things You Are;
  • Stella By Starlight;
  • All of Me;
  • Softly As In The Morning Sunrise;
  • Bluesette;
  • Satin doll;
  • Caravan.

GSD students: €4.00
Introductions: € 6.00

Maximum number of participants: 6.
Listeners are welcome!

Sign up via Whats App: 06-12 88 45 83 (Jackie)